Whether you're in Sales, Customer Service, or Professional Services, elevate the performance of your people to true sales and service professionals.


Imagine every one of your people thinking, saying and doing 6 Star Service...


Imagine them delivering 6 Star Service to every client, every day...


Imagine the increase in engagement of personnel and clients, and the increase in revenue, and lifetime value...


Contact us for a chat about how
we can help you make this your reality.

Proven content and embedding produces measurable results.



  • engagement;
  • client satisfaction;
  • productivity;
  • KPI's; and
  • financial results;


  • a unique sales and service process, customised to your specific needs;

delivered by engaged and motivated personnel:

  • warmth, friendliness and helpfulness;
  • care, empathy and connection;
  • active listening;
  • positivity and optimism; and
  • positive outcome problem-solving.

We work with you to create a 6 Star Service program unique to your specific sales and service needs. 


Then deliver your unique 6 Star Service program through:

  • Face-to-face experiential learning experiences; 
  • Online follow up and support learning,
    both Video and Audio;
  • Your unique, branded, 6 Star Service
    Book and ebook.

Leaders are additionally supported with weekly:

  • team motivation meetings; and
  • team focus challenges.

Our mission is to work with you

to deliver exactly what you need
to maximise the success of your teams.

"Mercedes-Benz Dealership of the Year Australia

Mercedes-Benz Dealership of the Year Queensland

Mercedes-Benz Sales Manager of the Year

Mercedes-Benz Sales Consultant of the Year

Thanks Sue-maree. We couldn't have done it without you."

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