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Sue-maree’s passion and expertise is communication. How we communicate with ourselves and others, and how that impacts our relationships and results – professionally with colleagues and clients, and in our personal lives.

Her world-first “What’s Going On?” communication model, is a proven communication gamechanger; the very essence of communication for personal and professional success, and happiness. 

Grounded in psychology, the communication model reflects and reinforces:

  • personal responsibility and accountability;
  • respect for self and others;
  • emotional maturity; and
  • emotional intelligence. 

Whether you want to improve the performance of your leaders, teams, sales, customer service or professional services, Sue-maree will collaborate with you to identify your specific challenges and goals, and craft the perfect presentation to put those challenges in the past, integrate new behaviours, and achieve your goals. 

Part of the process is exploring the effect of our communications on our feelings, behaviours, and results.

Part of the process is exploring the effect
of our communications on our
feelings, behaviours, and results

We have the power to change our feelings, behaviours and results, when we change our:

  • thoughts;
  • words; and
  • actions. 

With a healthy dose of humour, participants readily identify their barriers to success, and then their pathways to success.


With understanding, what seems difficult, becomes easy, effortless, elegant.


Targeted behaviours generate immediate and direct impact on performance, productivity and profitability – maximising results for individuals, leaders, teams and organisations.

Results are delivered via warm, engaging, interactive, fun and memorable presentations – high on content and take-aways for immediate integration and application. People leave empowered and confident in their changes, inspired and motivated to put them into action. 

As a Speaker, Facilitator and Consultant, Sue-maree works with local, national and international organisations, with clients like KPMG, Boeing, and Mercedes-Benz.

Sue-maree has a Bachelor of Commerce degree, is a Chartered Accountant, and has held Directorships in the public and private sectors. She draws on decades of experience in business, and combines it with extensive research in neurolinguistics, neuroscience, positive psychology, cognitive-behavioural therapy, emotional intelligence, mental health & wellbeing and stress management.

The result is presentations that transform personal and professional performance – exciting your personnel, delighting your clients, and smashing your goals.

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